Arweave updates for Bundles & ArConnect! 🎃

A devilish theme.

To celebrate the pump-kin (at the time of writing) party and the Weave going past 100TiB, we're happy to present a couple improvements made to our Arweave explorer.

Our unbundling process has received some upgrades making it way more permissive for bundles that do not get seeded very fast, which previously would likely not get picked up if our queue size was too small.

From now on, retries are made with a smarter exponential back-off mechanism, giving you a maximum of 12h to seed your bundles before we stop retrying them. If you find some of your seeded bundles not properly handled on ViewBlock, or the need for seeding later than our threshold after they are integrated on-chain please contact us so we can have a chat!

We also implemented a secondary queue dedicated to our partners, giving them priority in unbundling over all the other bundlers. In the past, if our workers became overloaded due to increased chain activity, all unbundling would somehow freeze which would now not affect them.

Last but not least, we now already supporting a future improvement over ANS-104 being worked on by the @ar_io_team and @redstone_defi with inputs from @ArweaveTeam and @BundlrNetwork which will allow for the concept of nested bundles, meaning any data-item of a bundle can also be a bundle! 🤯

As a simple illustration, here's what's currently supported:

While this new improvement would allow the following:

This will permit for the network to scale even more, as there theoretically wouldn't be a limit over the level of depth anyone can create!

Some of those bundles have already been deployed by Piotr from RedStone here and there 😎

A brand new thing we created is our analytics dashboard for ArConnect made by the @vertoexchange folks I'm sure you're all very familiar with!

You can access it there, which will give you insights on all transactions made by ArConnect wallets, their data uploads, the gas they consumed or how much fees were received!


We're striving to provide on-chain analytics to everyone, and this is just the beginning!